Introducing Smart Security System

Our Goal

We have focused common man of india which is 70% of indias population.We have made this product durable and cheap so that common man can afford this security product. In india everyday there is one news regarding theft so we have made a system that can alert owenrs of shops, and owners of house when there is security breach.

Available in Market

1. There is CCTV cameras for security they dont alert owners during security breach and in country like india where there is lots of population it is difficult to trace thief.
2. Security solution are avaliable but it is not affordable..
3. People are not aware about cheap and best security products.
For above all three problems we have designed this system.

What we have

1. Our security system is durable and affordable for anyone.
2. It includes many sensors in it which can detect security breach and can alert an owner.
3. It can be installed where ever owner feels that there is loop hole from where theif can enter.

About System

We have designed a GSM based security product which can be installed at any point from where theft possibility is there and as soon as there is breach it will inform owner through call and alarm will be triggered, it will not stop until and unless owner will not stop through their phone.We have attached battery with the system so in case of electricity failure system will work through battery.

This system can be manufactured at a very low cost of, and we can sell it for high margin, as there is a great margin on a manufacturing of electronic goods we can have same in our product. We calculated at least 50% of a margin on a sale price of a product.

System Services & Features

Our paying customers are all shop owners and a person having their home and the areas where there is a possibility of a thief is there.


Secure Technology.


Gives alert whenever it feels threat.


• 2 or 3 inch shutter lift or break sense

• Highly accurate to identify Shutter lifting

• All false alarm is avoided with intelligent software

• 3 authorized cell numbers can be stored

• Ultra low powered system

• Internal back up rechargeable battery

• Call alert on Shutter break or lift up to authorized cell

• Only Authorized numbers can enable or disable
   system by making a miss call

• Each authorized number will get alert on system on
   and off

• Automatic system turn on and off can be possible on
   time basis

• Clear Audio can be heard on system call [OPTIONAL]

• Siren will be on when shutter break or lift is sensed
• Siren can be off on calling to system

Security System Images

These are Images of our system

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